Postcards From Slovakia

A Humorous Account Of A British Ex-pat Living In The Slovak Republic

Postcards From Slovakia
Part of the Heart of Europe series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 5.99 USD
Pages: 93

Postcards From Slovakia is a glimpse of what life was like, for an Englishman at least, in the Slovak Republic; some years on from the Velvet Revolution and the Velvet Divorce, but still prior to the country joining NATO and the European Union.

Postcards From Slovakia is fundamentally an illustrated version of the second edition of Letters from Slovakia, which gives an account of David's personal experiences living in this beautiful little country in the heart of Europe. The letters give a wonderful insight into the society and culture of the Slovak Republic at that time.

The book begins with David's first encounter with Slovakia, in the summer of 1997, and continues until the close of his second year of living in the country, towards the end of 2003. The letters themselves have not been changed, but the formatting has been drastically improved and some beautiful images of Slovakia have been added.

There is no doubt that Slovakia has changed a lot in the decade or more since these letters were first written, both for the better and for the worse, but many of the themes in the book still hold true today.

Postcards From Slovakia is simply a must read for anyone with an interest in Slovakia.