Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Zoo

Bojnice Zoo Bear EnclosureBojnice is a wonderful little town in Central Slovakia, just west of Banská Bystrica, which is famous for both its fairytale castle and zoo. The town also boasts a falconry, Slovakia’s oldest tree and a Spa, but it is Bojnice Zoo that our children are usually most excited about.

There is enough in Bojnice to keep the kids occupied for nearly a full day. It is best to arrive just before lunchtime and then make your way to the Stare Kino (Old Cinema) Restaurant for lunch. I have been to Bojnice on numerous occasions and this restaurant, on the left of the boulevard leading up to the castle, is definitely the place to go when in Bojnice.

Having enjoyed your lunch, make sure that you walk up past the castle, took some photos of the Oldest Tree in Slovakia, steer the kids past the tacky souvenir stalls, and head for the zoo.

Bojnice ZooI really like Bojnice Zoo. There is a wonderful bear enclosure there and you can enjoy a relaxing walk around the zoo, which leads round to a petting zoo and wooden play-park. It is priced well too, only a few Euro for adults.

The last leg of your walk around the zoo, leads you up to some stunning views of Bojnice Castle and the countryside beyond. It really is photo op time and there is even a little wooden podium over the Llama enclosure for just that!

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